Readings, Nov. 7

Seems like Gutenburg-e got off you a rocky start. People just aren’t looking at them. It does not help that they have not been reviewed. I don’t know why they are not getting the same attention. I don’t mind reading a book on-line. Then again, I also like to have something in my hand to feel and write all over. Even though you supposedly can print these books out, 300 pages of material seems a little daunting to a personal printer, or to your stash of change for the library. Maybe they would have done better if they had done a limited hard copy release.

Also, some people don’t consider posting something to the web as truly publishing it, even if it is through a legitimate publishing house.

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One Comment on “Readings, Nov. 7”

  1. Perhaps the reason for limited attention or exposure was because they are esoteric. One of the primary objectives of the Gutenberg-e was to preserve endangered subject matter expert articles! Oh now, the definitive study on cricket ears located below the knee cap as opposed to behind the knee will go extinct!


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