Readings, Readings, Readings

Is it just me, or did some of these readings seem a little technical?  The charts explaining the different bytes were very helpful though.  It’s amazing how much information is out there, and how much we are producing on a yearly basis.  Of course, classes like this one are helping to add to those never-ending percentages.  It would be interesting to know how much it has changed since 2003.  The numbers are probably mind-boggling by now.

I found Turkels article on teaching historians how to search and spider very interesting.  It is definitely a skill that is becoming increasingly mandatory for anyone involved in research, and I am definitely going to check out that “How to Read a Book.”  One thing that I think is lacking, however, is that young historians are not necessarily ever really taught how to search in libraries and archives; teaching them to search the Internet first may contribute to the problem of “if Google can’t find it, it doesn’t exist.”

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