A note on the readings…

I find the concept of wiki’s very interesting.  It is a very neat way of getting information out there and contributing to the information already on the web, but I am still a little leary of open source web sites.  How do you know which post is legit?  Do they catch all the vandals on Wikipedia, or just the obvious ones?  They cannot possibly employ enough people to check all the facts and sources for their thousands of posts.  Even if the mistakes are common, they are still mistakes.  I would much rather use information from experts, even if it is original research, but with an open source site, anyone can change it at any time.  I would much rather have a closed site, (closed in that no one else can edit it, but anyone can look at it) and have people e-mail possible corrections and other information for the publishers to go through.  If the site is valid, they will post the changes and all is good.  Wiki’s just seem too open to manipulation for me to fully trust them.  If I find something on a wiki, I am more than apt to find it somewhere else (hopefully in print) before I use it as fact.

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