Reactions to “Digital History”

The readings for this week really opened my eyes to the world of history on the Internet.  I always thougth that anyone could create a great website with little or no effort involved.  Cohen and Rosensweig made me understand that I really need to think about what I want the site to achieve, the easiest and most efficient way to achieve it, and to think about what audience I’m playing to.  Not everyone has access to high speed servers and fancy viewere software.  I think these chapters were good overviews of what someone needs to think about before starting a site without bombarding people with loads of technical jargon that would only confuse 95% of us.  The design issues I though particularly important.  If the sight is not designed to flow or to be pleasing to the eye and easy to read, people are not going to return to that site. 

As far as setting up the blog goes, it seemed pretty easy…I hope I’m doing it right.

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One Comment on “Reactions to “Digital History””

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I think you brought up a few interesting points about the Cohen and Rosenzweig book that I latched onto as well. One thing you said about setting up the blog, “I hope I’m doing it right,” I think is really indicative of the leap many of us are making this semester. Somewhat purposely, I’d stayed away from the creation of web sites and blogs. But what ‘Digital History’ tells us is that it’s not a matter of doing it right, but doing it well is what counts.

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